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"Siberian Hypoallergenic Kittens, From Our Harts to Yours..."

Adoption Q&A

Can we visit your home?
f you are interested in testing your allergy level you can send a pillowcase with SASE.

Rearing special animals isn't just a job, its a dedication.

I am always willing to provide references. I was an experienced vet asst before I became pregnant with my twins
and I work diligently with my veterinarian to ensure the health of my felines.

Are your kittens registered?
Yes, through TICA.

How much does a kitten cost?
The current national value is $900 to $1400 for pets. I am within the median.

Acceptable kittens with breeding rights can be offered (with contract) at a higher cost to appropriate breeding programs. Be wary of people who grossly under price their Siberians as they may be kitten mills/backyard breeders 0r SCAM!

We have excellent quality genetics from all over the world! 
We breed only high standard Siberian cats, which comply to the Siberian cat standard as outlined by TICA.
A deposit of $300 is required to reserve your kitten, or place you on a wait list. This is deducted from the price of the kitten. The balance is due at the time of picking up or prior to shipping. Although the deposit is nonrefundable it is good for two years so that you can choose the kitten that is right for you.

We encourage you if you can do without the hypo-allergenic qualities and are not breed-specific, please support your local
My philosophy in rearing the Siberian is not to overpopulate our shelters, but to offer an acceptable option to those families suffering from allergies which would otherwise prevent them from co-existing with household pets. I want to help!

Do you ship, and what's included?
Yes. Shipping is $380 in the contiguous 48 states and parts of Canada. This includes the air fare, vetting, and materials and crate needed for a comfortable flight.

What about guarantees?

Our kittens go under contract. Guaranteed for 1 year from date of birth. 

Are siberians really anti-allergenic?

No. They are hypo-allergenic. We have not yet done the saliva testing for fel d-1 to determine allergen levels of our cats. We have had no known allergen issues resulting from previous or present cats. I have been told by some very allergic people who have been to my home that they were unaware of any feline allergens lurking around.

Why won't you adopt to me?
We reserve the right to decline an adoption for any reason or no reason. We also reserve the right to select the most appropriate family environments for our FURR Babies.

How are your kittens socialized? 
Our kittens are socialized in our home around our children and other pets.

I want to adopt a kitten from you, how do I proceed?
Now that you have your answers and you have decided to get a kitten from our family, you need to contact us via email [email protected] or TEXT 940-210-3636. We will need the signed contract either attached in an email, or mailed the old fashioned way. A nonrefundable deposit  is required to hold your kitten. This is deducted off your kitten price.

Please note that although we now reside in Michigan we have kept our original Texas phone numbers.

What about AFTER the adoption?
We encourage constant and open communication throughout the entire process, and after your kitten is finally home. Please send us plenty of pictures and tell us your thoughts and feelings about your adoption experience from us. We also welcome any ideas you may have. Read our testimonials here.

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